Arri Stone


My background in Communication is rooted in practice first that I followed by a formal education in communication studies. I began my journey to this point as a student of theatre where I was fascinated with verbal and non-verbal communication throughout diverse cultures focusing on how those practices were embodied in performance. As I journeyed from a person who was finding some success in the corporate sales environment I decided that while I had an interest in communication to achieve specific goals I wanted to be the first one in my family to go to college and achieve a higher education degree. I attended the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL where I was born and grew up. During my four years I studied Theatre in its many forms to find that I was most interested in Communication Studies.

I then continued my graduate education in Communication with an emphasis in performance and feminism studies. Throughout my years in college I realized that my life’s calling was to help students achieve their dreams through education. To this end, I began to acquire positions as academic facilitator. After I earned my M.A. in Communication I began teaching a wide array of college communication courses over a ten year period at 5 different schools simultaneously. I then became Assistant Dean for 32 Associate of Science programs at a state community college where I was also the primary grant writer for the institution. In this position I worked with a wide array of full time and part time faculty to impact the lives of many students. I found that I love working with faculty in addition to students. From this position, I moved onto a position at another University where I had the opportunity to manage over 100 faculty members who resided around the world via an online MBA program that was delivered through eCollege. I really learned how to enhance the student learning experience online while I facilitated the growth of many faculty members as they transferred their course delivery methodologies to the virtual space. I then pursued a consulting position, but have missed working in education dearly. That is why I came here! I see my role as an opportunity to assist students in their growth as effective communicators to prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of engaging diverse audiences in their social relationships.


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Office Hours: W 3:30 p-7:00 p, T/Th 10:00 a-11:15 a, Friday 10a-4p (virtual - skype)