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Mr. Glen Tegg


My bio runs the gamut of medical teaching from the use of band-aids to the use of tourniquets in the field. I teach CPR, ACLS, to Tactical Combat Casualty Care classes. I started teaching First Aid in 1980, I feel I have not learned everything and strive to continue to learn new things every day.
Started my career with Pine Hills Fire Department then the transition to Orange County Fire Department in 1981. Worked from the rank of firefighter to Lieutenant/Paramedic during the last 8 years was a Relief Battalion or EMS Chief dependant on vacations or sickness of the Chiefs. Was placed on the Battalion promotion list but retired prior to the list reaching my name. While with the fire department trained for the Helicopter team and flew on the Sheriff helicopter as Reserve Deputy/Paramedic. Completed the Dive Master rating while on the fire department becoming an active member of the Dive Team.
With Orange County Sheriff Office as a Reserve Deputy for 21 years until retirement.
Emergency Room Registered Nurse for the last 14 years, retired in December 2016.
Disaster Medical Assistance Team-Florida 6-- RN started in 2000 to present.
State Disaster Medical Team - 5-- RN

Email: GTEGG@valenciacollege.edu

Office: Osceola Campus

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