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Rachel Acosta

Part-Time Faculty, New Student Experience

My Name is Rachel Acosta and I am excited to teach this course. SLS1122 is a course that is about your personal development. This is the only course you will take in college that is literally focused on YOU. I will provide you with tips, tools, and supports needed to be successful at Valencia College and beyond. SLS 1122 is a unique course that will help you learn more about the necessary supports and services that are available to you at Valencia.
Studies show that students who take and successfully complete SLS 1122 actually have higher levels of academic success in college, compared to students who do not take the SLS course. The key to being successful in this class is to open your minds and hearts, participate in classroom discussions and activities and really try using the information provided to you in this course.

Email: Racosta12@valenciacollege.edu

Office: West Campus

Location: Downtown Campus

Preferred Contact Method: You may contact me online via Canvas Messaging, Atlas Email or Zoom
Hours Available: 8am-8pm