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Aurora Ascension Irizarry

I am very excited to take on this new venture as an Adjunct EAP Instructor at Valencia! I am very grateful to the staff that has guided, mentored and supported me. You have truly proven that this is a team working towards our learners’ success.

With 8 years’ experience in post-secondary institutions, teaching adults from multicultural backgrounds at diverse levels from diploma to master degree students, I am dedicated to our students’ success. I focus my classes on a relevant real-world, learner-centered experience where the learner creates their own knowledge based on the courses’ goals and a globalized view gear towards lifelong learning.

Although my specialization is English as a Second Language, I have taught various General Education courses such as English Composition, Communication, Critical Thinking, College Success and Professional Development classes. Additionally, I have a Master Degree in Education, English as a Second Language and my Bachelor Degree is in Business Administration, Marketing. Also, I had an extensive career in international airlines which contributes to my cultural awareness.

Teamwork is a quality that can be perceived and role-modeled by our students. It’s wonderful to know that we belong to a professional family that will encourage and advocate a productive learning environment.

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