Faculty FrontDoor

Ms. Amy Barati

Adjunct Accounting Professor

I work to make the material presented in class understandable. You will work hard for the accounting courses, but will have fun in class as well.

CPA in the State of Florida

Over 24 years of experience in accounting, audit, and information technology management.

Previously employed by three Fortune 500 companies.

Phone: 321.689.7244

Email: abarati@valenciacollege.edu

Office: Other

Location: Usually in the classroom roughly for the hour before class starts.

Available Upon Emailed Request



Important Announcements
Classroom Change for Financial Accounting in Osceola!

We have been allowed to move our class to 4-303 starting tonight. The room is in building 4. If you come up the stairs it is the first room to the left (across from women's restroom). See you there tonight! Professor Barati
Last updated 5/14/2014