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Dr. Anthony Crisafi

I am currently a Ph.D. student at Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena, in Jena, Germany, where I am working on my dissertation titled "Hegel’s Noesis: Intelligent Consciousness and Hegel’s Contribution to the Phenomenology of Cognitive Science, Critical Theory, and Digital Humanities." I hold a first Ph.D. from the Texts and Technology program at the University of Central Florida.

My research includes digital humanities, phenomenology, extended and embodied cognition, and critical theory. In my work I argue that while much of the field of New Media Studies focuses on poststructural and postmodern discourses concerning media and technology, phenomenology, with its emphasis on the relationship between intentional consciousness and the actualized text, can contribute both to theory and to methodology for studying how digital media is more than merely a representation of materialist textual practices. I specifically research the areas of digital and networked art, cultural contexts of digital humanities, the history of texts and technology, as well as their relationship to extended and embodied cognition.

Email: acrisafi1@valenciacollege.edu

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