Ms. Aurimar Lugo Negron

EAP Adjunct Professor

Teaching is adrenaline-charged. I never feel more energized than after a class that has gone well. I remember feeling that way the first day I taught. By the end of class each student was fully engaged. I had to work really hard to get them there. I felt like a prize fighter, bobbing and weaving, looking for the right combination. I was glad that I had prepared not only a Plan A, but also Plan B, C, and D. I had worked hard, it felt great, and I left class on a high for the rest of the day. I aim to feel that rush through my veins in every lesson I partake.
I have been in the field of education for about fourteen years. I received my Bachelor's degree in TESOL from American University of PR in 2004. Later in 2006, received my Master's degree from Inter American University-Metro Campus of PR. I also had the privilege of receiving a separate MA certification in Educational Leadership and Supervision from Cambridge College, PR campus. I've taught high school English and College Basic English in Puerto Rico. I enjoyed three years the position of Instructional Coach/Facilitator, where I collaborated and mentored directly English teachers and school principals of the Corozal School District in PR.
As an English professor, I want my students to make connections. On one hand, I want them to develop and articulate a clear and coherent understanding of the language. On the other hand, I want them to challenge themselves and use the language without regrets of mistakes. Trial and error, practice, practice, practice. Sometimes the simplest teaching techniques can work the best. I use pertinent examples, readings, video clips, role play, exaggerated pronunciation, gestures, and other visual representations to show relationships and to guide them to their personal learning growth.
At the same time, I want my students to develop a sense of language empathy: to make connections with their subjects, to understand that English is not just a language, but also a tool in society and their goals. Usually, I help my students do this through real life connections. They capture the relevance and applicability of the universal language. If I can help my students put themselves in purpose oriented tasks, I am one step closer to succeeding.


West Campus
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