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Brian Pate

Associate Professor, Communications

I have a Master's degree in Communication from UCF and work there full-time as well.

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SPC 1608 helps prepare you to speak in front of others and deliver speeches successfully.

Contact for Students: bpate3@mail.valenciacollege.edu

Email: bpate3@valenciacollege.edu

Office: East Campus

Only available by email.

Interested in mass media? Visit my Facebook page: http://www.massiveuniverse.com



Important Announcements
Connecting Through Communications - Spring 2013

The inaugural edition of Connecting Through Communications, an online publication put together by my students in the Spring 2013 Survey of Mass Communications class, is now available for viewing: http://issuu.com/bpate3/docs/ctc_spring2013?mode=window&viewMode=doublePage
Last updated 5/22/2013