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Faculty FrontDoor

Mrs. Cheryl Bailey

Professor of Mathematics,

University of Central Florida
Cum Laude Graduate
Bachelor of Science degree
Mathematics Education Major
Psychology Minor

Valencia College
Honors Graduate
Associate of Arts degree


Office: East Campus

Please send me an email if you wish to schedule an appointment.

IMATHAS ONLINE HOMEWORK and the CALENDAR OF EVENTS are available at: If you are enolled in the course you have already been registered for an IMathAS account. Please, DO NOT REGISTER AS A NEW STUDENT! FIRST TIME USERS should enter the following information: IMathAS Username = Your ATLAS Username, and the Password = math * This is a temporary password assigned to all new ImathAS users. Please change your password following your initial log in. **If you are a RETURNING USER, meaning that you have used IMathAS in a previous term, use your old password. If you experience difficulty signing in, send me an email so that we can reset your password.



Important Announcements
MAT0028C TEXTBOOK = Developmental Math II, by Al Groccia, ISBN #978-1-60797-4550

The textbook shown in both CRN23149 & CRN23150 Syllabi is incorrect. The correct information is shown below: MAT0028C TEXTBOOK = Developmental Math II, by Al Groccia, ISBN #978-1-60797-4550
Last updated 3/5/2015

Homework is Located online at

Last updated 8/19/2013

Check the Calendar in IMathAS for up to date listings of Assignments, Due Dates, and Deadlines!

Last updated 8/19/2013