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Christy L. Glass

Professor of Hospitality Law

Phone: 407-681-2014


Office: Other

Call me for an appt.



Important Announcements
Attendance and other info!

Welcome to VCC's Hospitality Law Online Course! Students will have access to VCC's tailored Hospitality Law course book through Blackboard. And, this course book is free. However, you must access it on Blackboard in pdf or Microsoft word format. Students are required to post an 'About Me' Message within the first week of class. The information is on BlackBoard. If you have problems with Blackboard, immediately reach out to Valencia's Tech team. The Tech team must email me that you had an issue in order for your non-login to Blackboard to be excused. If you continue to have issues, you will not pass the online course section, as discussion and comment postings are required every week. So, beware!!!
Last updated 8/10/2016