Christy L. Glass

Professor of Hospitality Law

Adjunct Professor, Valencia College - West Campus, Orlando, FL
Professor for Hospitality Law Emphasis is on prevention of legal violations by providing awareness of rights and responsibilities that law grants to or imposes upon businesses, and illustrates possible consequences of failure to satisfy legal obligations. Specific attention is paid to innkeeper-guest relationship, contracts, torts, civil and property rights and insurable risks. Coverage is of both federal and state statutes, regulations, and policies, as well as court procedures. By taking this course, managers can appreciate and identify what actions and precautions are necessary to minimize or avoid lawsuits. Structured the online version of the course. Wrote the online Course Textbook and Instructor’s curriculum.

Attorney and Business Consultant, PO Box 140003 Orlando, FL 32814
Practice of law. Matters include contracts, business, employment claims, family law, bankruptcy, real estate, elder law, guardianships, probate, wills, and trusts. Florida Bar No. 52134 and California Bar No. 260733

Acquisition and Utilization Specialist, Department of Veterans Affairs Orlando, Florida
Liaison between the Medical Center Service lines and the Networking Contracting Office, monitor Logistics compliance with internal and external review organizations. Develop reporting and measuring procedures, sampling techniques, and measurements to identify inherent weaknesses and inefficiencies. Identify ways to improve communications between departments. Undertake special projects, such as facilitating the development of unique agreements. Assist CORs to obtain COR certificates. Create informational packages to increase the accuracy of procurement packages and increased acceptance time of package acceptance by Contracting staff.

On a personal note, I have been married to a fantastic husband, Michael Glass for over 30 years, have nurtured three wonderful children into adults (one girl and two boys), and am entertained daily by two lovely cats, Itty Bitty and Mr. Tibs.
I love reading, learning new things, writing, and going for long walks.
In 2012, I wrote a book and published it on Amazon.
"Rose Way"




Call or text me for an appt. at 407-360-4415

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Welcome to Valencia College's Hospitality Law Online Course! Students will have access to Valencia College's tailored Hospitality Law course book through Canvas. And, this course book is free. However, you must access it on Canvas in pdf or Microsoft word format. You can download it from Canvas as well. You are NOT required to buy the Hospitality Book at the VC Bookstore. Since it is very outdated and does not flow appropriately for an online course, I wrote an updated course book which is available through Canvas. The first two chapters are available under 'Course Materials' on FrontDoor. Students are required to post an 'About Me' Message within the first week of class, and complete a participation quiz. The information regarding your "About Me" introductory post is on Canvas. Failure, to post your "About Me" and to complete the participation quiz during the first week of class, violates the class attendance policy, which will result in being reported as a 'no show' student. So, be sure to participate or call/text me asap if you cannot for some reason. If you have problems with Canvas, immediately reach out to Valencia's Tech team. The Tech team must email me that you had an issue in order for your non-login to Canvas to be excused. If you continue to have issues, you will not pass the online course section, because discussion and comment postings are required every week. So, beware!!!
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