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Faculty FrontDoor

Prof. Carol C. Van Horn

I have been fortunate to teach at Valencia College - West since the Fall of 2008.

The fall term of 2017 I will be teaching Introduction to Business and Finance. Let me know any questions.

Classes taught during this time frame include Principles of Finance, Investments, Introduction to Business, International Finance and Small Business Management.

Which is my favorite? It would have to be Principles of wait.. has to be, not that one... Introduction to Business, yes that's it... except, if we include Small Business Management.....

I enjoy them all!

See you this Fall!

Phone: 407-733-8700


Office: West Campus

Location: N/A

No formal office hours; but am available by email ( and also by
phone (407-733-8700). When we get a dialog going, we can figure it all out. Just contact me!