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Dr. Deborah Barr

Associate Faculty

I have a passion for teaching and learning and have been teaching sociology courses since 2000. I strongly believe that learning should be fun for students. This means that there is laughter and general hilarity amidst the wonderfully exciting world of sociology.

I graduated from UCF with my Applied Masters of Arts in Sociology in 2002; and with my PhD in Sociology in 2010.

I have completed 21 hours toward a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice.

I teach hybrid, fully online courses and face to face courses in Introduction to Sociology, Contemporary American Social Problems, Marriage & Family, Deviant Behavior and a new course that I created last year called Media, Law and Popular Culture.

This new course can be found under the SYG 2935 heading which is labeled Special Topics in Sociology. If you are wondering what it is about you can answer these two questions; then go view the course description.
Have you ever wondered if the media may influence who you are—what you think—what you know?
Do you fear living in George Orwell’s 1984?

Some additional questions you might ask:

What is a hybrid course? A hybrid course is one that meets primarily online but has at least one face to face meeting required. This allows students and the instructor the chance to meet each other which helps strengthen the bond between student and teacher and between other students.

Having a designated time to meet (most hybrids meet about 4 or 5 times over a semester) gives students a chance to ask questions, allows for the dissemination of different information that is not allowed to be put online. These items might include the watching and analyzing of films that the college is not permitted to put in an online forum. Ultimately, studies have shown that hybrid courses can be more effective than online or face to face alone. More and more classes now are using web enhanced technology. The hybrid just takes it to another level by having reduced seat time to make life easier for students.

Why should I take Sociology courses?
First and foremost sociology helps us understand the world around us. It helps us see that regardless of how much we think we are in control of our own destiny that social forces influence us on a daily basis. This includes influence from the media. While most people believe the media does not really influence us sociology courses show people just how much they really are influenced by all forms of media.


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