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Donna Colwell

Professor of English

I am a Florida native, who loves being outside in the sunshine. My husband and I enjoy taking painting classes, riding our bikes, picnicking, and spending time with our adorable kitties.

Professionally, my career path has had many interesting turns: I was in sales and had a real estate career prior to returning to school and earning my master’s degree in English Literature. I enjoyed teaching at UCF, my Alma Mater, yet found my home at Valencia College, where I have taught since 2006.

I am fortunate to work with amazing students each term, who share their writing and trust my feedback as they develop their skills.

I love my subject, and my students make every class memorable. Can't ask for more than that! :)

Phone: 407-582-1314

Email: dcolwell@mail.valenciacollege.edu

Office: West Campus

Location: 5-219

Regular Availability: MTWR from 1-2pm in 5-219
Virtual: MTWRF from 7-8am: dcolwell@valenciacollege.edu
By appointment: TR from 8:30-9:30am in 5-219