Faculty FrontDoor

Dr. Douglas Evans

Instructor of Humanities

I received an MA in Religion and a PhD in Humanities at FSU.

I view teachers as mentors for students and each other. Teachers can encourage and inform the learner to maximize their education experience for lifetime benefits and rewards. I engage students in the process of knowing, leading to the discovery and appreciation of meaning in art, architecture, music and literature.

To this end, I always utilize multi-media presentations, including texts, music, Power Point and DVD, to experience and transmit the cultural heritage of human civilizations, which could enlarge a student’s worldview and self-awareness of their part in it.

I view the college experience holistically, not so much the means to a degree and an exit strategy, but as the beginning of a lifetime effort to excel at knowledge and critical thinking. I consider the Humanities the most effective content to achieve this life of excellence. I believe this broadens the mind of the student, creating a curiosity for more exploration in art and literature, producing an excellent life.

Email: devans@valenciacollege.edu

Office: Other

Location: Not on campus