Dr. Deneia Y. Fairweather

Adjunct Professor in Anthropology

Dr. Deneia Y. Fairweather is an applied anthropologist and educational consultant who works with charter school administrators, educators, families, and youth to develop and implement inclusive practices for gifted and special education students—that is to ensure that diverse students have equal educational, social, and future outcomes as their peers.

After working over ten years in the public educational system in the United States, Dr. Fairweather believes that applying disruptive innovation into traditional educational environments is the best way to advance the social, emotional, and academic development of our youth. Her efforts have earned her the title of Florida High Impact Teacher for 2017.

Dr. Fairweather is the founder and owner of
ESE-Consulting, LLC, a student educational service that focuses on results-based solutions for educational environments. This service offers site specific professional development opportunities for educators of students with disabilities and enrichment opportunities for students through her skill-building global program called Anthropology in Motion ™ (AIM). You can find more information about AIM on Dr. Fairweather's photoblog www.kulchakomplex.com.

Dr. Fairweather has earned a doctorate degree in Applied Anthropology and a Masters in Education from the University of South Florida. She holds a Professional Educators Certificate from the State of Florida with certifications in Exceptional Student Education, Reading Education, Elementary Education, and a Gifted Endorsement. She also holds a Clinical Educator certificate from the University of South Florida.

Dr. Fairweather's research focuses on youth culture, the African Diaspora including the Caribbean and Latin America, educational anthropology, and preventing and reducing exclusion among male youth in educational environments. She is passionate about promoting anthropological thinking and practice in today's world and applying anthropology to help alleviate some of the world's most pressing issues as it relates to youth and education.


East Campus


10:00am-11:00am or Virtual by Appointement only