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Mr. David Feller

Online Adjunct Instructor

I grew up on Long Island, New York, and enlisted in the United States Navy in 1982. After 2 years of Enlisted Nuclear Propulsion training I was accepted into an officer program. The Navy sent me to Auburn University to earn a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Two years of Submarine Officer training prepared me for my first submarine, the USS Lewis & Clark.

The Navy then sent me to Monterey, CA to spend two years at the Naval Postgraduate School. I graduated with an MS in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography in 1994. Monterey is a fabulous place to live or visit. Be sure to visit their Aquarium if you go there!

I served as the Weapons Department Head on my second submarine, the USS West Virginia, then transferred to Cape Canaveral where I served as the second in command for Operational Test Support Unit TWO, a small research and development support unit. Watching rocket launches from our yard was very exciting, even though the space shuttles made our entire house shake!

While in Cape Canaveral I earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Central Florida (Concentration in Finance), graduating in 2001. As part of the MBA I took six classes via distance learning including four online classes. As you can see, I have been in your shoes as an online student myself.

I retired from the Navy in 2002 and accepted a position as a manufacturing engineer for an arthroscopic surgical equipment manufacturer. I began teaching online courses in 2003 as a hobby, and my hobby is now my full time job. I feel very lucky to be able to say that! I have taught courses in Meteorology, Oceanography, Finance, Tax Accounting, Business Math, Business, Management, Organizational Behavior, Ethics, Algebra and Astronomy.

I love teaching and look forward to dynamic exchanges with all of you. Keep your comments and questions coming!

Phone: 904-206-8670


Office: Other

Location: I do not have an office on campus.

Any time via email. Telephone calls by appointment. You can leave me a voice mail message at 904-206-8670. I usually check for messages several times every day, including weekends and holidays.

Teaching Philosophy: Knowledge is the key to success in life. There are many ways to acquire knowledge including formal schooling, self study and life experience. Each of these methods has one critical element in common - a receptive learner.

If the individual is not receptive, or cannot be persuaded to become receptive, little learning will be accomplished. If individuals are motivated to learn, I believe most people are capable of learning almost any subject in which they are interested.

A teacher has two primary tasks. The first is to motivate the students by getting them excited about the subject. This is more difficult in a distance learning environment, but can still be done by showing students how the subject can be applied outside the classroom. The second is to act as a facilitator to help the students learn. Students must do the learning themselves, but the teacher can create excitement to guide students in their efforts, and provide answers to questions as they arise.

The challenge of education is to lead students along the road to knowledge, while making students excited about the journey.