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Faculty FrontDoor

Mr. Daniel Finn

History instructor

Boston University - Master's Degree in History.1980
Advanced studies in education ongoing.
Published a textbook entitled " Exploring the Journey Through Life " which focuses on aiding students to achieve success through the holistic approach (body, mind, and spirit ) Availability July 2009. Copies located in reserve section at E. Campus library.
United States Postal Service - retired ( 25 years ).
Born - Jersey City, New Jersey
Military - Vietnam Veteran, U.S. Army (1969-1971).

Served as Chairman of the Environmental Commision in Stoneham Township, Ma., 1984.
Former member of the Central Florida Inventor's Council (7 years).
Online higher education writer: 2012.

Phone: Department 407-582-2443


Office: East Campus

Location: 8-105

After class, or by appointment.