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Mr. David Morandian


I am the professor for this class! As far as my background, I have lived in Iran, Pakistan, Spain, France, Portugal, and in the US. In the US, I lived in NY, FL, IN, DC, MD, VA, MI, TN, TX, and now back to Florida again. Schooling and jobs have moved me from place to place.
I have taught over 400 classes in Microsoft Applications, Computer Methodology, Business, Marketing, Mathematics, Algebra, Statistics, Economics, Accounting, ... for Baker College of Michigan, Seminole State College of Florida and Fortis College in the past 25 years. I taught leadership classes at EDS where I used to work as Technical Delivery Team Manager. I also lectured MBA class at the University of Liverpool in England. So, you can say I love to teach and to share my knowledge and at the same time I have the thirst for knowledge.
As far as my education background, I have MBA in International Business from the American University in DC, MS in Computer Information Systems from the University of Detroit Mercy in Detroit, BA from Purdue University in West Lafayette. I also have various certifications in Business Management, Leadership Training, On Line Teaching, and other areas.
As far as hands on the job experience, I have worked for the past 22 years in various industries to include Hotel and Motel Management (Hilton), Entertainment (Disney), Financial (SUNTRUST), Manufacturing (GM and Kodak), Computer and Information Systems (EDS), Education (Baker, Seminole Community College)!
As far as hobbies, I love watching TV, read, research, and coach soccer! As far as sports, I love racquetball, soccer, volleyball and tennis. As some of you might have kids and know, since my son was born 13 years ago, I have not done much of the above-mentioned activities.
That is all about me in a HUGE nutshell! I cannot wait to hear from you and read your biographies. Thanks for being in the class!


Office: East Campus

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