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Eileen Lawrence

Professor of Reading/ English

Learning continued to be my motivation. My related degree accomplishments are BA and MS in Education [CUNY]; MS in Educational Leadership [CUNY]; Educational Specialist in Reading [NSU]), and several Professional Development courses relating to Adult Learning.

Sharing effective learning strategies has always been one of my passions throughout my professional learning experiences in the field of education. In all of my roles -
classroom teacher, literacy coach, teacher union representative, and school supervisor within the public and private school learning environment, I had several opportunities to interact with different types of learners who needed and received extra guidance from my instructional strategies that help them meet their learning needs.
In addition, I became an instructional faculty at Valencia College (West Campus) in 2012. Since then, I have been a Reading / English instructor, and I was an Instructional LAB Assistant in the Writing Center. Throughout the years, my personal commitment is to ensure that all students, under my instructional supervision, receive and integrate appropriate, effective learning skills that would help them to enhance their academic learning needs as they prepare for the changing workforce in our competitive global community.

My encouragement to all students is to strive to his or her highest academic potential, but always remember that
"Success is not a happening, it is a result. It is doing, instead of doubting. And working hard instead of wishing". (Anonymous)


Office: West Campus

Location: Communication Dept. Bldg. 5 Rm. 231

Online - 12:01 AM - 11: 59 PM

Conference Hours: Thurs. 4:30 - 7 :30 PM