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Dr. Gregg Buckingham

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I retired after a twenty-eight year career at NASA. In that career, I worked eight years at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and twenty years at the Kennedy Space Center. Some of the major activities in that career included: a two-year fellowship, eight years working in the Space Shuttle logistics program, fifteen years in NASA’s education program, KSC History Contact, and three years as a senior leader culminating as Deputy Director, Education and External Relations Directorate. I also worked in local government.

I have a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Florida and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Central Florida. My doctorate focused on curriculum and instruction in the community college. My dissertation was on the use of technology vs. face-to-face mentoring for community college students. I have been an adjunct instructor at Valencia and at UCF. I am married, live in Orlando, and have two sons attending UCF. I enjoy outdoor activities as well as reading and movies.

Representative statements from students in my courses:

“Dr. Buckingham connects the function of the government, and the way in which the Constitution plays a role in our personal lives. This in turn promotes me to learn as much as I can about both factors in his class. I feel like my engagement in class discussions is appreciated.”

“Professor Buckingham is one of the best professors I've had throughout my entire career... He is very clear when explaining material. He gives awesome and positive feedback. He focuses on what students do right, while also making suggestions for improvement. He makes himself available for when students need him. He is very concerned and helpful. I have really enjoyed having him as an instructor. I would enroll in another course he taught if I could.


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