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Faculty FrontDoor

Jerry Reed

Professor, Computer Programming

Professor, Programmer, Gadgeteer, Friend to Bats.

Phone: (407) 582-5583


Web Site:

Office: West Campus

Location: Building 7, Room 7-126

Monday, Wednesday, 9-11AM, RM 7-126,
Tuesday, 2-4PM, Rm 7-126
Monday through Friday, 1-2PM, On-line
E-mail or leave Voice-Mail anytime.


Other Web Sites:



Important Announcements
Please stop by my office, 7-126 to chat

I'd love to talk to anyone interested in programming/coding, whether you are enrolled in a class currently or not. I am especially interested in Robotics and Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects and programming. Hope to see you soon!
Last updated 5/12/2015