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Faculty FrontDoor

Jerry Reed

Professor, Computer Programming

Professor, Programmer, Gadgeteer, Friend to Bats.

Phone: (407) 582-5583


Web Site:

Office: West Campus

Location: Building 7, Room 7-126

Monday, Wednesday, 9-11AM, RM 7-126,
Tuesday, 2-4PM, Rm 7-126
Monday through Friday, 1-2PM, On-line
E-mail or leave Voice-Mail anytime.


Other Web Sites:



Important Announcements
New class -- Learn about embedded computing and the Internet of Things (Iot)

I'm again teaching: COP 2930 Embedded Computing, CRN 16144, Fall Term, 2017, Mondays, 6 PM to 8 PM, Room 7-122, West Campus Sign up and join us in learning about making and using Arduino and Raspberry Pi computers to monitor and control devices in the real world and over the Net. Please use the Course Materials link on the left side of this page to see a PDF with detailed information about the course.
Last updated 8/16/2017

Please stop by my office, 7-126 to chat

I'd love to talk to anyone interested in programming/coding, whether you are enrolled in a class currently or not. I am especially interested in Robotics and Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects and programming. Hope to see you soon!
Last updated 5/12/2015