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Faculty FrontDoor

Dr Humy Ateeq

Chemistry Professor

AB (Chem.): Washington University in St Louis

Ph. D. (Organic Chem.): University of Missouri-St. Louis

Post-Doctoral: Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.


Office: Other

by appointment



Important Announcements
CHM 1025 Exam 2

Exam 2 at the Testing Center, from Sat March 4th to Fri March 10th. Bring a calculator (not phone) and writing utensils only. (Don't forget ID!). No breaks (not even for bathroom) during the exam. Testing Center, Spring 2017 Hours: Monday – Thursday: 7am to 9pm, Friday: 7am to 6pm, Saturday: 8am to 3pm, and Sunday: Closed
Last updated 2/25/2017