Mr. Harvey Nicholson

Professor, Adjunct Faculty of Sociology

Ph.D. 2019 - University of Central Florida, Sociology;
M.A. 2016 - Lehigh University, Sociology;
B.A. 2014 - West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Sociology

Teaching Experience:
SYP 4000 - Sociological Social Psychology (Instructor; UCF)
SYA 4450 - Data Analysis: Capstone (GTA; UCF)

Research interests:
Cross-racial relationships and commonalities
Health care service provision and access to health care
Macro/micro-level racial segregation
Neighborhood disadvantage
Utilization of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for acute and chronic illness
Welfare and workfare programs
Quantitative methodology

I teach SYG 2000, i.e. Introductory Sociology here at Valencia College. Believe it or not, I, like many others, had no idea what sociology was before I took my first intro course. Since then, I've never looked back!

In my class, you will be exposed to the core principles of sociology and gain the knowledge required to relate these concepts to everyday social phenomena. In other words, you will gain the skills needed to begin to think about and study society through a "sociological lens."

Students should come to class ready to engage in class discussion. The class environment will be relaxed and conducive for interesting discussion and debate. I also expect students to keep up with all assignments and readings.


By appointment only. Communication by email is preferred.