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Mrs. Jessica Anfinson (Sobkowiak)

Professor, Mathematics

I've taught math since 2009, both in America and overseas (in Sudan, Kyrgyzstan and Senegal). I've been a math professor at Valencia College's West Campus since August 2015. I love what I do and am passionate about helping students cultivate growth mindsets to overcome any math anxiety or mental blocks that could keep them from exploring and understanding the beautiful language of the universe that is mathematics. :)

Phone: 407-582-1036

Email: janfinson@valenciacollege.edu

Office: West Campus

Location: 4-212

Fall 2019

Monday: 10:00-11:15am (Office)
Tuesday: 10:00-11:15am (Office)
Wednesday: 10:00-11:15am (Office)
Thursday: 10:00-11:15am (Office)
Friday: 8:00am-1:00pm (Online)