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Faculty FrontDoor

Mrs. Jennifer Yousif

Associate Professor

Jennifer Yousif is an associate professor in the Social Science Department since 2009. She earned her Master degree in Social Science Education with a concentration in both Economics & Political Science from University of Central Florida (2008).
Currently, Prof. Yousif teaches Economics (Macro 2013 & Micro 2023) & Political Science (POS 2041) at Valencia College. Also, she holds a graduate certificate in Community College Education. Some of her graduate research work includes-- Impact of International Agreement “Kyoto Protocol” on the US Economy; Social Economic Experiments of Game Theory; Middle East Economic Development; and Curriculum Development & Assessment in Adult Learning. She received her Bachelor in Social Science Education (UCF). Furthermore, she has used her language skills to serve US Army as Special Force Language Training Instructor for 5 years with USSOC (United Stated Special Force Command). In addition, she conducted roundtable discussions and briefed senior ranking officials in various topics such as economic, politics, language, Middle East geopolitics, education, and culture.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them" Albert Einstein.


Office: Winter Park Campus

By Appointment or Skype contact jenyousif1 .