Dr. Jennifer Guerriero

Associate Faculty, New Student Experience

Here are some of the nice things students have said after taking my class:

-----------New Student Experience - Valencia College-------

This class has really impacted my first year of college tremendously. With the help from having such an awesome and hilarious professor like yourself, you made this class very enjoyable and I have to say, it was by far one of my favorite classes because of you, Professor Guerriero. You were able to make the class an enjoyable experience with all of your anecdotes about every topic we were talking about. along with that, this class has made me realize how serious and driven I am and strive to be in college . -- Nicole

-------The Social Environment - Miami Dade College-------

You have truly changed my perception of school and exemplify how a professor should see their students succeed. -- Stephanie

-------Preparing for Student Success - Miami Dade College-------

I have been taught by so many teachers in and out of school, from the bottom of my heart you are the best teacher that I have ever had. You are one of the teachers that knows the students' needs, their problems, and what they are going through in life. – Maxime

You have left a stamp on the left side of my brain, like someone you love leaves a place in your heart. --Rodericka

This class is so important to me that I don’t even know how to begin or what was the most valuable thing that I learned this semester . . . The way you teach is amazing; you entertain while teaching, you establish rapport with students and above all you inspire. . . What I learned in this class is going to be valuable for the rest of my life. – Mike

-------Student Support Seminar - Miami Dade College-------

At first I thought this would be a stupid class that I would hate waking up so early to come to. Honestly, this became my favorite class this semester . . . I am extremely thankful to have had an awesome professor who truly understands from experience how hard things can get . . . Being in this class was one of the most productive things I have done thus far in my college career, and it was worth every penny and every minute of my time. – James

My manager at work always says, “The professor makes the class.” I am agreeing with him on this one because I see that you make the class worth while and show something that other professors don’t. You actually care about us. So, thank you for all the life lessons learned. This course did change my life for the better. I use it in my day-to-day life. Even found a new job because of it. -- Keith

I'm glad I enrolled in this class and particularly with the amazing professor that I have . . . Really, all the quizzes and reflections have helped me and taught me so much about myself and others. I really have gone home after every class and have tried my best to apply it to my life. I've talked to so many people about this class. I am now trying to help others improve as well. Lastly, I want to thank you Professor Guerriero for being such a great professor and going above and beyond to teach this class. I wish I could have you as my professor for every single course. You're such an amazing person! -- Lazara

Honestly before entering this class I had no interest in paying attention, I was so upset and frustrated of being obligated to take this course but now I personally think it was an amazing class. I have learned so many new ways of managing my school and emotions it is incredible, I even told my friends to take this class just to try and learn new things because it was so helpful to me . . . thank you for everything!!! Dr. Guerriero I am sure you will help many other struggling students realize their mistakes and help them overcome those challenges. -- Carla


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