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Faculty FrontDoor

Jennifer Jewell

Adjunct Professor & Art Director

Known for her clever sensibility, Jen’s passion and drive for modern, deliberate and elegant solutions begins the moment she puts pencil to paper. With an unconventional approach and an eagerness to create something truly unique, she strives to push the boundaries of every challenge she faces. Using her solid foundation, developed during her career at Great Big Circle, she continuously puts brand integrity at the forefront of every project. Understanding the importance of community engagement, she not only brings life to her creations as the Art Director at Great Big Circle, but participates in community collectives, including the Valencia Graphics Technology Advisory Committee Board, give back by teaching at Valencia College as an Adjunct and AIGA Orlando. Her passion and creations have helped elevate the brand experiences for Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, Global Piece Film Festival, Orlando Museum of Art, and many more.


Office: Other