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Jessica King

I am a UCF alumni (Go Knights!). I received by B.S. in Chemistry, with publications in nanocomposites, nanoceramics, and nanoparticles for drug-delivery applications I also received a B.A. in History with a focus on Medieval Studies.

My earliest passion was engineering- I graduated with an M.S.M.E. in Mechanical Engineering- Materials Science with an independent focus on art-restoration and preservation.

I also received an M.A.T. in Physics Education with research in Museum Education.

I am currently in the midst of my third master's degree, in History, with an emphasis on Medieval gender roles.

Over the past five years, I have had the pleasure of teaching at Rollins College, Seminole County Public Schools, Valencia College, and Seminole State. I love learning, and hope others will feel the same passion as I do for acquiring new information regarding our universe!

In my spare time, I enjoy spending evenings with my four cats and running marathons*

*of my favorite Netflix shows.

If you're reading this, you must have some sort of internet connection- so drop on by my favorite sites:

NASA's Picture of the day:

Star Talk podcast with Neil DeG Tyson (great to download and listen to on your commutes!)

Bad Astronomy:

Not Exactly Rocket Science (one of the coolest blogs out there):

Improbably (for the "wait, did that really happen??" moments in science):

NPR's science Friday (for your Friday afternoon listening pleasure):

The Skeptic's Guide to the universe (a podcast hosted by a neurologist from Yale's school of Medicine, but it's very accessible and fun)


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