Faculty FrontDoor

Jenny Lee

Faculty, New Student Experience
Service Learning Mentor

Hello and welcome!
My name is Jenny Lee and excited that you're taking a a moment to stop by my Faculty FrontDoor page. Here you'll be able to learn a little about me as your potential professor, see what SLS 1122 is all about, and view my syllabus*.

Information about the course:
In SLS 1122 we'll explore your strengths, purpose, path, and help you plan for your future. This is a required general education course for anyone wishing to graduate with the AA Degree and as well as many of the AS degree programs. Within general education, SLS 1122 falls into the Communications area of your General Education which means you'll be expected to do college-level writing, speeches\presentations, and small-group activities\projects. While the class requires a lot of hard work (we're planning for your future after all), it is also a lot of fun as we all get to know each other through various personal connection activities.

A little about me:
I've worked in higher education since 2006 and in fact, my very first job in higher education was for Valencia Foundation (I was an intern!). While I didn't know then that higher education was where I was meant to be, I am glad that my path has led me to where I am now, teaching New Student Experience full-time. When I'm not at work (or doing my own school work) I like to relax by watching Netflix, finding things to do outside, playing with my dog Charlie, and of course...cheering for the Florida Gators (you'll see why below).


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Central Florida: Political Science and Public Administration
  • Master of Science, University of Central Florida: Interdisciplinary Studies (concentrations: Nonprofit Management and Community College Education)
  • Doctor of Education, University of Florida (Currently Enrolled): Higher Education Administration

Phone: 407-582-1799

Email: jlee50@valenciacollege.edu

Office: West Campus

Location: 1-249

For students currently in the course, please view the syllabus in the online part of the class for the most up-to-date hours. For students not enrolled in the current semester feel free to email me or give me a call and I can let you know my open availability.

*Note about the syllabus (#TypicalProfessorDisclaimer):: You can access my syllabus from the left-hand side of this screen. Please understand though that the syllabus is subject to change during a semester and current students should log into the online portion of the course for the most up-to-date and accurate version.