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Jane Maguire

Professor of English courses and Professor of Education courses.
Coordinator for the Honors Undergraduate Research Track East campus
Title V Mentor

I am a proud member of the faculty on east campus teaching English (ENC0017, ENC0027) and Education (EDF2130) and Honors (IDH2911 & IDH29112).
I have been with east campus faculty since January of 2004. I graduated from the University of Missouri with my Bachelors in Elementary Education, and my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis in Reading. I have taught grades 1-8 in Missouri, Kansas, and Pennsylvania. My student engagement hours are normally on Tuesday and Thursday because those are the days I have classes, but I would gladly accept a meeting with any students on the other days of the week. I am just an email away!

Phone: 407 582 2228

Email: jmaguire1@valenciacollege.edu

Office: East Campus

Location: Building 3 room 103

Tuesdays 1 to 4pm
Thursdays 1 to 3 pm