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Ms. Jamieson Thomas

Professor of Fine Art - Part-Time

Drawing I ART-1300C-27299
Design I Art-1201C-21063

I am a practicing artist working out of McRae Art Studio in Downton Orlando. Through multi-media installations including sculptures created from recycled items and natural objects, painting, photography, and video, I explore cultural and personal history, and the intersection between humanity and the natural environment. My work prompts one to consider our individual imprint on our surroundings, to question our role of dominance in the global ecosystem, and to consider solutions that will create balance and coexistence.

School of Visual Arts, NYC: MFA Fine Arts.
Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY: BS-Business/Art

Phone: 407-595-1135

Email: jthomas233@valenciacollege.edu

Office: Other

Location: Downtown Campus: CMB Room 307

Flexible hours.
Email for appointment in person or via video conferencing.

Website: www.jamiesonthomas.com