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Faculty FrontDoor

Mr. Jason Wenzel

Adjunct Professor of Anthropology

I served as a full time professor of anthropology, sociology & education at the West Campus from 2005-2008.

I am currently teaching anthropology online for Valencia through the West Campus while pursuing doctoral study in anthropology at the University of Florida.

Through collaborations with Valencia, Central Florida Anthropological Society, the Florida Public Archaeology Network and the Oakland Nature Preserve, I directed an archaeology program that provided students with opportunities to engage in community based research in anthropology & archaeology while taking my courses.

Phone: (407) 582-1203


Web Site:

Office: West Campus

Location: Currently working off campus.

E-mail as needed.

Educational Background: Ph.D. Anthropology UF (expected 2016) M.A. Applied Sociology UCF 2002 B.A. Sociology UCF 1999 Graduate certificates earned in community college teaching and Maya studies, UCF.