Jacquelyn Zuromski

Prof. of English, Adviser for the Phoenix

JZ by the Numbers

Average number of books on my nightstand: 6

Chance that at least one of those books will be nonfiction: <=50%

Chance that reading will be the last activity I do at night and the first one I do in the morning: 99%

Number of different word-related apps I have on my phone: 11

Chance that I will play Words with Friends before I start work: 100%

Pounds I have gained during the pandemic: 6

Ratio of chores to fun activities I do on the weekend: 3:1

Number of times I have walked around in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery: 1

Years I have been married (to the same guy!): 33

Number of daughters my hubby and I have: 3

Chance that I will communicate in some form with at least one daughter each day, even though they live in two different states (not FL): 95%

Number of colleges and universities my husband, daughters, and I have attended or currently attend: 9 (Valencia College, UCF, Bryant University, UF, Auburn University, FSU, University of Utah, MIT, Harvard)

Years it took me to complete my AA at Valencia: 4 (I know!!)

Percentage of students I HOPE to affect in a positive way: 100% (Try me!)


West Campus
3-143 (after the pandemic!)
407-582-1074 (email me!)


Summer/Fall 2020 Virtual Office Hours

M/W 8:00am-10:00am

T/R 10:00am-12:00am

F 10am-12pm: Email me at jzuromski1@valenciacollege.edu OR through Canvas. (All emails sent by noon on Friday will be answered by Friday afternoon; all others will wait till Monday)

Note: If you need to meet with me (Zoom) outside these hours, please e-mail me. :)