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Professor Kevin Rushing

Professor of Communications

Kevin Rushing has taught Public Speaking full time at Valencia College since 2004. He began teaching Fundamentals of Speech on Valencia's East campus and then spent eight years teaching Honors Speech on East campus. Kevin has taught at University of Central Florida, Everglades University and he worked at Seminole State College before finally moving to the Valencia’s East campus, where he plans to stay. Kevin has taught Interpersonal Communications, Selected Topics of Speech (Individual instruction), Service Learning course, Bridges to Success class, Hybrid and Online Speech class. The only Speech faculty on East Campus to utilize Student Leaders, which he developed from his course.

Kevin brings his real world experience into the classroom, as he was a sales executive for 8 years in the private sector, for 3 major Fortune 500 companies. In addition, Kevin is a professional union actor, (SAG/AFTRA) who has appeared in 5 major motion pictures. He has performed on stages around the United States and Cuba, Kevin has appeared in many major corporate events and presentations, and also he has acted in over 60 stage plays in the central Florida & central Oklahoma areas.

Kevin earned a master’s degree in education at the University of Central Oklahoma with an emphasis on Communications, Community Junior College. He earned a bachelor's degree in Speech Education, from the University of Central Oklahoma. To view Kevin's complete Curriculum Vitae, copy and paste the following URL into your web browser address bar: .

Kevin lives in Harmony which is just outside of Saint Cloud, FL. When he's not teaching to students. He is often traveling to fun and exotic places.

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Office: East Campus

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