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Faculty FrontDoor

Mr. Kyle Simon

Adjunct Professor, U.S. Government

Kyle Simon is the External Affairs and Communications Director at Florida CHAIN, a statewide consumer health advocacy organization, and an Adjunct Professor of U.S. Government at Valencia College.

His background includes several years of health policy, advocacy, and political experience. He has worked with federal and state policy makers on Medicare, Medicaid, prescription drugs, and regulatory issues, served members of Congress, managed a statewide political organization representing the President of the United States, and held leadership roles in multiple political campaigns.

In addition to his involvement with the Tampa Bay Seminole Club, Kyle is a founding member of the FSU LGBTQ+ Alumni Network, which is recognized by the Florida State University Alumni Association. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Hillsborough Literacy Foundation and is a member of the Association of Florida Colleges.

A Tampa native, Kyle holds a Master of Science in Applied American Politics and Policy and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Florida State University.

Phone: (202) 830-4080


Office: Winter Park Campus

By appointment only