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Faculty FrontDoor

Katie Tagye

Professor of Speech Communication

Hi there. I'm Katie Tagye, and I teach Speech and Interpersonal Communication. I’ve been at Valencia since 2001, and I’ve worked in various areas of the college from advising to Speech Communication. Currently instead of teaching my regular full-time class load, I'm working in our Collaborative Design Center as a Faculty Fellow in Design Thinking. This experience is giving me a new perspective on the classroom and on bringing design principles into the curriculum.

I have gotten all of my degrees from UCF. I have a BS degree in English Education and 2 Master’s degrees. The first is an MA (Master of Arts) in Counseling, and the second is an MA in Interpersonal Communication. I understand the challenges that come with balancing school, a career, and your personal life.

Please also feel like you can contact me regarding the class (or anything else) anytime. No question is stupid. I know that it takes a little time to figure your classes & instructors out, and I'm always happy to answer questions about the class or myself.

:) Katie

Phone: 407-582-1931


Office: West Campus