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Faculty FrontDoor

Ms. Laura A. D'Alessio, M.A.

Tenure-Track Faculty Member - Biological Sciences, West Campus

Commitment to Valencia College
I began my career with Valencia College at the Lake Nona campus in the Spring of 2014. In August 2017, I transferred to the West campus to continue my teaching career with Valencia as a full-time faculty member. I teach General Biology 1, General Biology 2, and Microbiology, with offerings and availability varying term-to-term.

Academic History
I attended UCF and earned my BS in Secondary Science Education in 2010, and my MA in Higher Educational Leadership, Community College Education, and Biology in 2013. I look forward to beginning a doctoral program in higher educational leadership upon completion of my tenure requirements.

Teaching Philosophy
I believe that students in STEM fields need an academic experience that is rich in hands-on activities to simulate future job competencies and promote future career success. I try to infuse my traditional coursework with other life- and job-skills to aid students as they mature into well-rounded citizens. I celebrate diversity and believe that diversity is the foundation of a strong classroom, college, and community. I believe that all students have the potential to achieve success and reach their goals if they are willing to put serious time and effort into their academic pursuits.

Professional Development
I achieved Associate Faculty certification in the Summer of 2015 after completing 60 hours of professional development training with the Teaching and Learning Academy.
I earned Digital Professor certification and Quality Matters certification in the Summer of 2016 so I can better facilitate student learning in hybrid and online environments. I am currently working to re-develop my courses in the new Canvas/Instructure Learning Environment.
I am currently in the process of earning LifeMap certification to improve my abilities to advise and assist students and infuse learning strategies into my courses.
I recently completed conversational Spanish 1 and 2 to support our Spanish-speakers and their families.
I also completed SafeZone Ally certification to support our LGBT+ community.
Beginning in Fall 2017, I will embark upon a 5-year personal and professional development journey to earn tenure at Valencia College.

My Background
I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Prior to my time at Valencia, I taught Biology and Anatomy & Physiology at Edgewater High School and Winter Springs High School. While in high school, I worked in the construction industry doing home renovations. I was also the General Manager of a local Ace Hardware store for six years while I was in college.

Hobbies and Interests
In my free time, I enjoy keeping active by kayaking, running, and doing yoga. I am a die-hard Star Trek fan, and I love collecting late 60s rock & roll and early 90s punk-rock music on vinyl. My father is a pilot, so I frequently can be found co-piloting or helping him with aircraft maintenance. I also enjoy wood-working, metal-working, and doing home repairs. I am happiest when I can be alone in my garage building something.

If you have any questions or are interesting in enrolling in my courses, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at

Phone: 407-502-7057


Office: West Campus

Location: AHS-207

Office Hours vary by term.
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