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Faculty FrontDoor

Michael Christopher

Greetings. These are my current requisites:
Rollins College: MLS,
UCF: B. A. Humanities,
Valencia College: A. A. General Studies,
Valencia College: A. S. Film Science Technology.

Aside from these, I obviously enjoy the Humanities (all that this entails with our cultures, our foods, our music, arts, literature, cinema, beliefs and religions; all the things that distinguish us as human) and I find that the study of humans can be quite fascinating. Have you ever asked yourself why you do the things that you do? In my courses I hope to engage in conversations with the students, present alternatives to the "norm" or "usual," and learn more of who we are and what is available to us. We will use Blackboard in our courses. The textbook that we are using for HUM 1020 is the Gloria K. Fiero, Landmarks in Humanities, Fourth/4th Edition or custom Valencia edition. You can find it at the college bookstore and probably most online sources such as Amazon, Alibris, Abebooks, among others. See you this Spring.

I have now completed a Faculty training program in order to benefit my teaching and my spring classes will benefit from this change! Students will be more involved in their active learning and I will no longer instruct in the method(s) that I have in the past. This will be a benefit to my upcoming students, Valencia, and myself.


Office: West Campus