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Professor Nelly Cintron-Lorenzo is currently Associate Faculty member of Valencia College, Certified Digital Professor, Certified QuickBooks User and Certified Quality Matters Reviewer. She completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Minors in Mathematics and Management. She also successfully completed the Federal Financial Management Certificate in November 1999 and Management Certificate Program with a concentration in Leadership and Management in July 2002.

Professor Nelly Cintron-Lorenzo has been teaching accounting courses at Valencia College since January 2004 but she has been teaching online for seven years. Prof.Cintron-Lorenzo has more than twenty years responsible experience working for Private, Educational and Governmental Institutions dealing with Accounting, Taxes and Auditing. Professor Cintron-Lorenzo has over twelve years’ experience in teaching Accounting and Math at different Universities and Business Colleges as Adjunct Professor.

As part on her authentic instruction approach, she promotes a dynamic and fun learning environment, inspiring students to value and discover the joy of accounting, applying the concepts learned in class to their own daily lives that involve business events to facilitate the accounting learning process. This encourages her students to build up their knowledge for complex and higher level of learning tasks in later classes. As a professor, she encourages her students to reach their goals and pursue their dreams.

Her teaching philosophy reflects her interests in contextual and collaborative learning. Instead of the "traditional teaching" method of large lectures, she prefers student-centered teaching that encourage learning by both students and instructors in real-life authentic ways. She supports classroom dynamics that permit collaborative dialogues with peers, fosters interactivity, teaches responsibility for learning and encourages a degree of student input as to curriculum and grading criteria.


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