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Faculty FrontDoor

Dr. Nancy Reed

Associate Faculty, with Digital Professor Certification

Perhaps the best overall label for my professional interests and skills is "performance improvement." This means using evidence-based practices in designing courses, training programs, and any other activities. Basically: gathering and using data as well as professional opinion and judgement to make decisions.

Have enjoyed assisting others to improve their knowledge and skills with many topics from a very young age. Have served as a parent volunteer for local schools, demonstrated and taught others the basics of my hobbies and am constantly seeking new ideas and information to increase my skills at encouraging others to develop their skills and knowledge.

Education background and experience:

Ph.D. in Psychology, double major in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Measurement and Human Differences from the University of Georgia. This includes such things as analyzing a job, determining training needs, writing and administering surveys, and developing activities that help others guide their own performance improvement.

Have taught a variety of psychology and management classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels, at several colleges, and both face-to-face and online. Enjoy students of all levels and backgrounds!

Have developed, administered and evaluated selection, promotional and evaluation procedures, surveys for law enforcement.


Office: Other

Before and after face-to-face or hybrid classes, otherwise please email.