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Faculty FrontDoor

Niraj Wagh

Professor of Mathematics

Hello! My name is Niraj!

I'm originally from Michigan and attended Michigan State University where I obtained my B.S. in Human Biology. Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in medicine and studying specific diseases. During my time there I volunteered at a HIV clinic and an oncology ward at a local hospital. In my junior year of my undergrad, I began teaching mathematics as an undergraduate teaching assistant and fell in love with the beauty of pedagogy and helping others learn. After graduation, I attended The Ohio State University where I obtained my M.S. in Mathematics.

With strong interests in both biology and mathematics, I aspired to find a connection between both disciplines. At Ohio State, I researched mathematical epidemiology and studied how mathematics was related to real-life public health problems by creating mathematical models.

Upon graduation from OSU, I moved to the sunshine state and began working for Valencia. As an instructor, my job is to show my students how mathematics is both fun and useful in everyday life by drawing examples from multiple fields including medicine, psychology, and business.

Besides teaching, I love listening to music, enjoying time with friends, watching a myriad of TV shows, and going to a variety of concerts.

I am extremely interested in my students' success and understanding in mathematics. If you have any questions on anything or are interested in understanding how mathematics is connected to your field of interest, please don't hesitate to come see me. I would love to help you. :)


Office: West Campus

Location: 7-215