Faculty FrontDoor

Prof. Patrick Bartee

Professor of Speech

Bethune-Cookman University, Daytona Beach, Florida
B.A. Degree

University of Akron, Akron Ohio
M.A. Degree

International Seminary, Plymouth, Florida
Ph. D (Work in progress)

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Delta Beta, Beta Delta Lambda Chapters

Former Faculty Senate member Valencia College East Campus

Brother 2 Brother Mentor West Campus Group

Phone: 407-582-1018

Email: pbartee@valenciacollege.edu

Office: West Campus

Location: Office 1-242A

Mon. Via Email: pbartee@valenciacollege.edu 1:00-3:00
Tues. Bld. 1 242A West Campus 1:00-3:00
Wed. Bld. 1 242A West Campus 1:00-3:00
Thur. Bld. 1 242A West Campus 1:00-3:00
Fri. Via Email: pbartee@valenciacollege.edu 8:30 - 10:30