Faculty FrontDoor

Dr. Rosie Branciforte

Adjunct Instructor

My Background

I earned my BA from the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, New York, with a double major in English Literature and Elementary Education; then I continued on to the University of Bridgeport for my Masters in Education with a specialization in Remedial Reading. And, in May 2011, I completed my Doctor of Education degree (E.D.D. in Curriculum & Instruction with a specialization in English Composition).

Valencia College - 2019

For the Spring 2019 semester I will be teaching EAP1586C as well as English Composition II at the West campus.

My Teaching Philosophy

Education, as well as my philosophy of teaching and learning, is not accomplished by individual effort; rather it is a group dynamic driven by invention, interaction, questioning, sharing and discovery, realized by “re-vision”.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

After my teaching responsibilities, what is left of me and my time, I unselfishly give to my significant other, my two Italian Greyhounds (Angelina {Angie} and Josafina {Jojo}), mindless comedy movies, reading, gardening, and beachcombing in Ormond Beach, Florida. I may be busy and extremely time challenged but I believe that what does not kill me will make me stronger. And, as E.E. Cummings noted, “then laugh, leaning back in my arms, since life is not a paragraph and death is no parentheses.”

Phone: (407) 399-3648

Email: rbranciforte@valenciacollege.edu

Office: Other