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Regina Falconer

Professor of Biology

So, you want to be a nurse? or pursue respiratory care or cardiovascular care? Well, you came to the right place! I teach Anatomy & Physiology which is a prerequisite that must be completed before submitting an application to Valencia's nursing program and the other health programs.
Your grades for the science prerequisite courses are important, meaning you want "A"s! My background is in Molecular Biology which is basically DNA or genes stuff and I worked as a chemist and also for the cancer institute at Florida Hospital south. My mission is to prepare you for where you are going next and to get you a little excited about learning how your body works and help you understand common diseases and their most current treatment. I love science and I love what I do here at Valencia! I hope to see you soon!

Phone: 407-582-2025

Email: rfalconer@valenciacollege.edu

Office: East Campus

Location: 1-129

Check your semester specific schedule for office hours.