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Reginald Finley

Adjunct Biology Professor

Professor Finley attended Amridge University earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development. In 2011, he obtained a Master's Degree in Science Education from SUNY Buffalo. In 2016, Finley earned a Master of Science Degree in Biology from Clemson University. He is currently earning a Doctorate in STEM Education.

Professor Finley is the Science Chair and Advanced Sciences Educator with a local school in Longwood, FL. He's also an online adjunct biology instructor for a number of colleges and universities. He works for Valencia College as an Adjunct Biology Professor teaching General Core Biology (No Lab) and Human Sexuality.

His hobbies include reading science news, watching anime, spending time with family, exploring vegan cuisine, and Netflixing when possible.

"Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution." - Theodosius Dobzhansky

Phone: 770-331-2495

Email: rfinley1@valenciacollege.edu

Web Site: http://www.amazinglife.bio

Office: West Campus

Location: Bldg 1, 230

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