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Faculty FrontDoor

Dr Reuben Kimwomi


I am Dr Reuben Kimwomi who has been teaching for a long time and enjoy seeing my students perform their best. I employ all manner of approaches and methods to help facilitate student learning. In this respect I use all available methods - lecture, video, worksheet, PowerPoint etc.

I use small white boards and markers during my lectures to help check student understanding as the class goes on. It also motivates the students to be thoroughly engaged in classroom activity. I believe that when students write notes and answer them out, the ability to remember and understand the content is increased. And so I encourage them to write notes and answer questions in class because this method increases students’ exam scores.

I believe in doing my best to make students succeed by engaging them thoroughly and being their number one fan!


Office: West Campus

Location: AHS RM 307

By Appointment Only