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Rhonda Oehlrich

Urban Education, Graduate Certificate UCF 2013

Interpersonal Communication, M.A. UCF - 2010

Interpersonal/Organizational Communication, B.A. UCF - 2007

I am proud to be married for 28 years; with two wonderful daughters and a son-in-law.

At age 18, my first time in college, I had no desire to enter the teaching profession. After 20 some years as a Trainer, Coach, and Mentor I returned to school to advance my career as a Corporate Trainer.

While completing my junior and senior years of college at UCF, as a non-traditional (older) student; I fell in love with academia and was impressed with this generation of students; and here I am.

Email: roehlrich@valenciacollege.edu

Office: West Campus

Location: Communication Department - Building 5

I will meet with students after class--NOT before class; and will schedule appointments for students who need a longer appointment, or cannot wait after class.

It is best to let me know, you would like to meet after class; as I will see students in the order students requested.

Academic Interests: Valencia Associate Faculty Status -- 2010-present UCF- Diversity & Inclusion Certifications -- 2010 UCF College of Education: 18 hours post graduate course work in Urban Education and Education Technology Research: Conflict Communication,Critical Thinking, Diversity, Intercultural & Inter-generational Communication, and Student Relevance for Transferable Skills



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Work in Progress

I am working on the Syllabi for Introduction to Education and Diversity for Educators.
Last updated 8/12/2014