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Ronald Stumpf

Adjunct Associate Professor

Hi folks,

Here is a snapshot of my biography.

BA/BS (Bio/Physiology-Zoology Pre-Med Curriculum) University of Wisconsin

MS (Health Science Education-Physiology Major) University of West Florida

Certified Aerospace Physiologist.

Authored and published two comprehensive textbooks:
1) Human Sexuality - A Biological Perspective; Alliance Press, ISBN: 1-890704-90-3, 99-903
2) Biological Science Human Biology - A Study Guide to Biological Systems; Alliance Press, ISBN: 1-58316-007-8, 99-078

United States Navy experience:
About 10 years in the Submarine Force - served on Diesel Boats, Fast Attack and Nuclear Ballistic Submarines. Vietnam Veteran - 3 tours.

Spent 2 years serving on Destroyers, Aircraft Carriers and Submarine Tenders.

Moved into the Medical Service Corps - USN for my remainder years.

Trained and qualified as an Aerospace Physiologist, Medical Service Corps, United States Navy. I served about 11 years as an Aerospace Physiologist. In this area, I qualified and received my Wings on a T-34C, and also was qualified and served as flight crew on the C-131, UC-12, HH-46, TH-57, T-39, C-9 and UH-1. I also taught Aerospace Physiology to Flight Surgeons, Astronauts, flight crew personnel, etc. Was a subject matter expert for the 9A9 and 9A1C hypobaric chamber devices, 9D5 hyperbaric and diving simulator, 9E6 ejection seat simulator, Martin Baker, Stencil and McDonnel Douglas ejection seats and five water survival simulators. Subject matter expert, researcher, technical writer of and lecturer of: hypoxia, hyperventilation, trapped and evolved gas problems, decompression sickness, stress, nutrition, blood-gas chemistry, spatial disorientation with all illusions caused by either semicircular canal or otolith stimulation, visual problems at altitude, night vision, visual illusions, accelerations and G forces and sensory training. Revised and rewrote the emergency egress and rescue sections of the T-2, TA-4, TA-7, A-4 and A-7 aircraft for inclusion in the Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) manuals. Lots more excitement that I won’t bore you with.

Division Officer for three separate divisions in 6 years for the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute, Pensacola, Florida.

Was the first Naval Officer to be dual designated as Submarine Qualified, and Aviation qualified. The Surgeon General of the US flew to Pensacola to "pin" my wings on, and pictures and articles were written and submitted to the All Hands Navy magazine.

Started teaching Biology for Valencia in 1986. Currently teaching In the OST arena, and teach OST 1257 and 1467 as an Adjunct Associate Professor.

Recently retired from Lockheed Martin as a Staff Quality Engineer and certified AS 9100 Lead Auditor and ISO 14001 Lead Auditor.

For fun, I go on short rides with our bikes. We have one Honda CBR600F4i and a Harley Fat Boy Anniversary Edition. I enjoy the crotch-rocket as much as the Harley Fat Boy. I also like to tinker with old cars and love to see any old metal come to life. My particular fondness is restoring early Thunderbirds. Currently I have a 1957 that I continually tinker with and drive on nice weekends.

In teaching, I like to bring in to the classroom (or online), practical experience that I had learned while working with medical doctors and hospital staff for many years. This enhances the learning experience from textbook and classroom to that of real-life experience and situations. I feel that this only helps to bring actual situations and everyday experiences to adjunct the written word.

After reading through this long and tedious bio, please feel free to drop me a line or see me at school if you would like any other information or if you just wish to talk about anything that might have peaked your interest in the bio.

Have a great time at Valencia, and as they say "I'll see you around the campus".


Email: rstumpf@valenciacollege.edu

Office: West Campus

Location: none

Before and after scheduled classes if on campus or by apointment if online classes.

: NOTE: I will upload the course syllabi and schedule, but remember that the schedule is subject to modification or changes as time marches on. For the most up-to-date schedule, please refer to the course material in Blackboard if a current student, or please drop me an email and I will send one to you, if not a current student. That way, you all will have the most up-to-date schedule information.